Temenos Community Forum, Gala Dinner

Anomalous Events were asked to produce a spectacular 30-minute circus show to end a gala dinner for Temenos in Lisbon.

“It’s all about the pre-planning and knowledge of the acts – integral knowledge of their skills and timings at this level of delivery. It’s the only way to get a show this great to work in such little time with no hiccups. You can’t just book a variety of acts that don’t know each other and throw them together if you want real magic.”
Producer, Sorcha Rogers

‘An immense amount of expertise went into their show for our client Temenos in Lisbon’. This has been a traditionally difficult crowd to please and they were wowed! It’s was a lot of fun, Thanks’
Trevor Hamilton, Unique Entertainment


Client: Unique Entertainment for Temenos
Producer/Choreographer/Stage Manager: Sorcha Rogers, Anomalous Events