Bompas & Parr & Stella Artois “Host One To Remember”

In Summer 2016, Stella Artois kicked off its “Host One to Remember” summer campaign at an exclusive event in New York City that immersed guests in the day and age that inspired the Belgian beer.

The event was headlined by three hosts that co-curated a theatrical journey of the brand’s legacy – actress Hilary Duff, culinary wizards Bompas & Parr and time travelling performance creator Juliette Campbell of Shanghai Mermaid.

Produced by Anomalous Events, Bompas & Parr hosted an interactive summer garden, reaching all of the senses with bioresponsive plants delivering the sounds of summer when touched, a living wall from which guests could forage for their own food and a mist waterfall filled with the scent of Stella Artois.

Client: Bompas & Parr Studio for Stella Artois
Concept: Bompas & Parr Studio
Producer: Abbi Barham, Anomalous Events
Design: Bompas & Parr Studio / Davy Provo, Anomalous Events