GREAT Great Britain at Home House

What happens when you take every tiny thing that could be called “quintessentially English” and throw it all together in one gorgeous place, full of gorgeous people?

Seven rooms and a beautiful courtyard garden at Home house, were transformed with iconic props, beautiful decor and a vast cast of performers and actors. You could visit No.10, pop to the countryside for a tea party or join the marching band at a summer fete.

Cheeky Girl Guides frolicked with Venture Scouts, footballers and their wives danced with Morris Men and ballroom beauties. Tunes throughout the building ranged from the Summer of Love, to the best of Indie, War Time acapella to the best of London’s West End shows.

If you were really lucky you would have met the Queen, or maybe you will have stopped for a gossip over the fence with Bet and Doris, on your way to a deck chair at the beach!

Client: Beau Production for Home House
Creative Direction: Chris Fitchew, Beau Production
Producer: Abbi Barham, Anomalous Events
Production Manager: Daryl Leibert, Anomalous Events