The Home House Institute

The Home House Institute was a fully immersive party, for 800 members and guests of Home House, private members club.

The theme was that of a horror film style mental institution.Not a drop of fake blood was spared, nor a cobweb laid waste! Guests and actors alike, dressed to the gory nines, for one hell of a crazy party.

Nine different rooms represented different parts of the brain and the Institute itself. From a lab run by human-size chimps, to a room of UV acid-induced hallucinations, an electro-shock therapy room, projections of your worst nightmares and a cabaret of twisted entertainment, it was THE Halloween event of the year.

Client: Beau Productions for Home House
Creative Direction: Chris Fitchew, Beau Production
Project Management, Production Management: Anomalous Events
Photography: Antony Price, Anomalous Visuals