Bompas & Parr’s Jelly Parlour of Wonders

To celebrate Bompas & Parr’s ninth birthday, the studio launched the Jelly Parlour of Wonders in London’s most famous department store Harrods. The installation represented the first retail range of Bompas & Parr’s unique approach to jelly.

Visitors to the parlour could choose from a range of Harrods-inspired jelly shapes, including a model of the iconic Knightsbridge department store, and a variety of flavours, including rose and pistachio ribband blancmange; marbled coral with Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve whisky and raspberry; Chartreuse and peach; yellowgage plum and Harrods Riesling; and Champagne with summer fruits and a violet elderflower set with fresh blueberries.

Client: Bompas & Parr for Harrods
Environmental Concept & Design: Iloana Iliesiu, Bompas & Parr Studio
Production and Styling: Abbi Barham, Anomalous Events
Graphic Design: Ann Charlott Ommedal, Bompas & Parr Studio / Perry Powling, Anomalous Events
Film & Photography: Ann Charlott Ommedal & Nathan Ceddia, Bompas & Parr Studio